Request Data

Our dataset request page is currently under construction. To request a data set, please email: benjamin d horne 314 at gmail dot com

Datasets currently available:

NELA2017 - NELA2017 contains almost every news article from 92 sources between April 2017 and October 2017, amounting to over 136K articles. This data set is the first release of NELA datasets. This version of the data set can be found on github and a full description and use cases can be found in our 2018 ICWSM paper.

NELA2018a - NELA2018a is currently being prepared. It contains almost every news article from 150 sources between January 2018 and March 2018.

If you use our data in publication, We ask that you cite our ICWSM 2018 dataset paper: Benjamin D. Horne, Sara Khedr, and Sibel Adali. "Sampling the News Producers: A Large News and Feature Data Set for the Study of the Complex Media Landscape" ICWSM 2018